Ceramic Coating

At Autobuf, we strive to give your vehicle the best resistance protection to ensure minimal damage and easier maintenance. One service that our team offers is to apply Ceramic Coating to your investment. This will help improve resistance against common, natural elements that you may encounter when you’re out on the road. We carry a series of solvent free, and waterborne ceramic coatings. These have been formulated and produced specifically for the protection of the interior and exterior of vehicles and other surfaces. They will also add additional protection, which results in minimal maintenance and makes it easier to clean.

This service isn’t limited to vehicles only though, it can be applied to motorcycles, boats, planes, bicycles, industrial equipment, BBQ’s and more.

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Acid Rain

Bird Droppings

Brake Dust

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Industrial Fallout

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Macro Marring

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Mineral Deposits

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Road grit, tar, salt, & traffic film



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Temperature Cycles

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Tree Sap

autobuf ceramic coating products

IGL Kenzo Ceramic Coating has a 10h hardness that creates a layer of protection that radiates a rich natural glow reminiscent of bespoke wax. Kenzo provides an unmatched protection and smoothness for a warranty period of 4 years and/or 80,000 km.

IGL Marine Ceramic Coating is an anti-fouling coating developed specifically for UV, salt and water immersion resistance. This specially formulated coating adheres onto gelcoat, ployurethane, acrylic paint and other anti-fouling paint.

IGL Headlight Ceramic Coating provides the best performance on polycarbonate headlamps. The coating adheres to the headlight on the molecular level and crosslink to create a glass like finish with amplified shine, clarity and protection against oxidization and loss of clarity.

IGL Window Ceramic Coating creates a water repellent surface, water spot prevention and resistance to high wiper wear. The result is safer driving conditions during heavy rains and increases defrosting speeds in colder climates.

IGL Wheel Ceramic Coating creates a 9H hardness with high heat resistance. Once applied, IGL Wheel coating creates an easy to clean, hydrophobic, glossy finish, and is resistant to brake dust.

IGL Leather Ceramic Coating creates an invisible layer of protection that repels undesirable liquid, dirt, dye and UV radiation. IGL leather is breathable while maintaining the flexibility, appearance and texture of the leather.

IGL Fabric Coating protection can be applied to virtually any porous surface. It creates an invisible layer which covers each individual fibre of the textile to repel undesirable liquid, dirt and UV radiation.