Paint Protection Film – Kingston

Autobuf provides top quality Paint Protection Film (PPF) application in Kingston, Ontario. PPF is a high performance, self-healing, transparent film that protects your vehicle paint from rock chips, scuffs, and debris. Autobuf has trained professionals who are able to install the PPF correctly on to your vehicle.

Autobuf prides ourselves in using the latest products from industry-led companies such as Stek, XPEL, and Suntek. We use a computer to cut the film to perfectly match your vehicle’s make, model, and year. You can pick and choose where you would like to get your PPF installed. PPF can be installed in various areas of your vehicle – you can pick and choose what you would like protected. From the full hood, fender, and/or mirrors to targeted areas such as door sill, door pillars, bumper or wheel wells. The possibilities are endless.

We also offer PPF in a matte finish (shown below) for a more unique look with the same protective qualities as clear PPF.

Give us a call or send us a message if you would like to book an appointment or get more information on adding PPF to your vehicle.

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BeforeAfter - Matte PPF
Silver corvette on a ramp showing of the paint protection film kingston
A hand holding a spray bottle while applying a transparent film of Paint Protection Film Kingston
BAck of a Lexus with Matte Paint Protection Film Kingston