Custom Restyling – Kingston

If you are looking to make your car uniquely yours, Autobuf has various custom restyling services for you in Kingston, Ontario. Our team is able to work with you and give you our expert opinions to help make your vision in to a reality. We offer custom restyling options from custom wraps and stripes, to custom leather seats to complete chrome delete black out packages. See below for a complete list of restyling services we offer.

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Custom Restyling Services – Kingston

Window Tinting for Autobuf Custom Restyling Kingston

Window Tinting

Whether for style, privacy or safety, we can take care of your tinting needs.

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White Mercedes vehicle with chrome logo for the Chrome Delete for Restyling Services Kingston

Chrome Delete

Chrome delete is a vinyl wrap that is applied to hide the chrome trim.

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blue and sea foam Audi with a red stripe along the side in front of a garage door. For custom wraps and stripes custom restyling Kingston

Custom Wraps & Stripes

Change the outer appearance of your vehicle without damaging the paint.

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Katskin Custom Leather Seats

Katzkin is the world’s premier manufacturer of custom leather seats.

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Vintage Appearance Restoration

Rejuvenate your vintage vehicle inside and out.